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Via Outlets has sustainability as a pillar and rule of thumb for all of its 11 Outlet centers in Europe. Although Oslo Fashion Outlet is one of the smaller centres, the daily operations here are also based on measures that reduce the climate footprint to a minimum, says Finance Manager / Sustainability ChampionStian Ludvigsen.

• Our investors have been very clear that sustainability must be put on the agenda every single day. As part of these guidelines, we have, among other things, green energy, collection and use of rainwater, BREEAM-certified buildings, LED lighting, bicycle parking with charging facilities and an electric shuttle bus, he says. Many of the shopping center's tenants are large and well-known brands that follow their own, strict environmental requirements. A clear focus that also influences everyone else to follow suit. A very positive effect, Ludvigsen points out.

• We want climate impact to be a high priority for all our tenants, and set specific requirements for how they comply with it. For example, we are very attentive when they have to make changes to the premises, so that we are sure that they make climate-friendly material choices. In this way, we are constantly taking new, small steps together towards a climate-neutral shopping centre.


After VIA Outlets bought the center in 2017, the strategy from day one has been to switch to more environmentally friendly light sources such as LED, as we have today implemented this in all common areas. In addition, the incandescent bulbs in the oldest buildings are replaced with LEDs as the premises are renovated. This is a small but important environmental measure. 95% of the energy supplied to an incandescent bulb turns into heat, while only 5% turns into visible light. In comparison, an LED bulb can convert around 80% of the energy into light. The result is a light source that can use 10 to 15 times less electricity to produce the same amount of light. For example, an LED bulb of 7W can correspond to a traditional incandescent bulb of 60W in brightness.


Oslo Fashion Outlet collects rainwater in six water reservoirs, which in total can collect 18,000 liters of water. The water is used for daily flushing of the streets and for other cleaning of the facility, as well as watering the green facilities. This significantly reduces the use of clean drinking water, which contributes to a more sustainable water cycle. The collection of rainwater for irrigation will prevent rainwater from flowing to the treatment plants and will save groundwater. Work is underway to use rainwater for even more functions in future new construction at the Outlet centres.


Outside the car park you will find 12 rapid chargers.

Inside the car park you also have the option of charging, here we have 25 chargers with an output of 22kw.


Oslo Fashion Outlet is the only real estate operator within shopping centers that can boast the BREEAM-NOR certificate "Outstanding" for its buildings. That is, the highest environmental level it is possible to achieve. The certification is based on documented environmental performance in nine categories: Management, health and indoor environment, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology as well as pollution. In addition, the center is one of the few that has achieved certification "Excellent" in management and insight.


Via Outlets has achieved five stars in the environmental ranking Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). GRESB is an index that measures and compares the participants in relation to a wide range of criteria, and five stars is the highest one can achieve. Participation in GRESB provides a useful, third-party assessment of the climate work, which confirms their strong focus on sustainability. A result that has been achieved as a result of structured and targeted work over time.

Electric shuttlebuss

DRIVE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WITH ELECTRIC SHUTTLE BUS An important part of Oslo Fashion Outlet's climate focus is to facilitate that customers also make climate-friendly choices. The electric shuttle bus is one such measure. For cheap you can take our emission-free bus from Oslo to Vestby and back home. A cost you can quickly save again many times over on your shopping trip. Every Saturday, the bus departs from Skøyen and Oslo S, and extra departures are also set up for special arrivals, such as Black Week. You can find all departures here.


Oslo Fashion Outlet is located a short distance from the center of Vestby and large residential areas, and has made it possible for you to take up the electric bicycle. At the center you can park the e-bike under cover and connect it to an available charger


Oslo Fashion Outlet has an agreement with NorgesEnergi on guaranteed-of-origin electricity. That is, an electricity agreement that guarantees that electricity is produced from renewable sources corresponding to the electricity consumption. Examples of renewable energy sources are solar energy, hydropower, wind power, bioenergy, wave power and tidal energy. In addition to the center being awarded a certificate showing which renewable source the electricity comes from and where it is produced, it helps to support the rainforest and the rainforest fund. This is one of the most effective measures to preserve the climate and biodiversity on the planet.

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